Keep Promises You Make _To Self

It is Imperative.

It’s as simple as completing one task per day.
This is imperative to your wellbeing as well as your self esteem. And in the long run you build great habits for yourself.

I know its not as easy as just completing the task. Next question you ask is, exactly which task am I suppose to do ? I have so many running in my mind all day everday.

Dont despair, first things first.
Theres time for everything,

___Here’s a simple daily task ruberic on how to categorise some tasks in your life when planning.

Answer the following inorder to determine the ideas,tasks you give preference too.

1.Finish the sentence  for every category below.
I like to ____(social , proffesional , physical , personal  )

Understand there is difference between
social -personal,
professional -career/work,
physical –  (fitness)
AND academia goals.

2. All should be prioritised the only thing to think about is when to slot them in during your day.

After slotting all the above according to your daily schedule.  Keep it simple,remember not be too hard on yourself if you cant yet figure out the details.  In doing the small tasks daily eventually everything works out and molds according to yoyr needs.

As you do this daily, you refine and redefine where your attention goes.
As the saying goes, the only constant thing in life is change. Now the aim is to lay the basic foundations to follow daily that allow YOU to be more involved on how YOU spend your ATTENTION. And also be more in control of your time.

2.Start by CATEGORIZING just into day or evenings task. That simple. The aim is ro clear your head and get you to just do it and not see a mountain hurdle in front of you. Hence you have to keep it as rudimentary as possible.


When planning your proffesional tasks and academia tasks.

3.This is how you categorize your work in order to prevent aimless work.
(One or all of these apply) _____     have time to

Time to get inspired,
Time for studying
Time for Planning(how to execure),
Finally time for Execution

You cannot move foward till you plan and map out your days.

Now in decinding how to prioritize tasks.
Always try answer the 5W’s & H regarding the your daily tasks. Yes the ones we learnt in English class.
Who,what, when, where,why and how.

You don’t have to answer all of them but one of them have to be answered.
Having 50% of the decision made is better than not making a decision at all.

This will give you more clarity.
Written or typed, when you see your list this brings even more clarity. Then making it easier to prioritize which tasks are to be done first and which will need least effort.

And than walah your day is complete and your in more control of it.

Below video joe rogan talks about how to Just do it.

If not now then when ?

Have ro learn to get outof your own way and just get to it. What you Love doesnt always feel fun

Dont forget why you started, why your doing all of this for. Always keep it in the back of your mind.

Sometimes the things we must do in order to progress, arent always fun to do. But can’t shy away from the fact that it must still be done

Do we still let sleeping dogs lay???

I Dont blame my fellow brothers and sisters but


When will the time be for us to start the real conversation and stop dancing around the truth of the matter?

I don’t blame my fellow South Africans no matter color or creed nor do I condone some of the actions.

I Think most of us have been at fault for being or even playing ignorant. Most haven’t fallen short of showing how ignorant they can be. Yes maybe at some point those ignorant attitudes and actions were justified and even a means to an end. Sometimes i ask myself but what then if you weren’t born in the struggle? are you still justified to blame apartheid for all your shortcomings and the entire list of all your falls ?

There most certainly exists a huge gap between the” haves and have nots . I cannot deny there were some repercussions leftover from the apartheid regime. But i don’t think as a people we have actually taken the time to heal. It feels to me that some steps of recovery were skipped.

In recovery there is Remembering and Recovery there after comes restoring relationships. Straight after Freedom was announced its been every man for himself it seemth .The recollecting and recollection of the people, well that day doesn’t really seemed to have come. Never mind all these facades and charades.

Can you really ever blame anyone for playing ignant? Can you really blame the kids for being ignorant?


at some point someone, anyone , everyone has to take responsibility . The RESPONSIBILITY OF YOUR OWN DESTINY. THE Great thing about Globalization is we are now more exposed to information more than ever. There are endless examples of people who even against all odds, still managed to pull. So on a global scale we kinda have no excuse !

We have a many people of different colour,creed and races in South Africa but I don’t think as a people together we have much of a culture. Maybe except for braaing ( idk i’m trying to tie all of us a nation to something that we all enjoy ), just as little assurance that maybe not all hope is lost.

If we had to start writing our history books today, I foresee a lot of American culture references especially among the youth of this day. At Times it even seems South African authority looks to USA first before they make any moves, waiting on the united states left overs and even for their hand outs. Again this is my opinion and observations and hear me out there is nothing wrong in asking for help or taking help where AND when its needed

keyword being where and when NEEDED

To me this is the same as teaching your children values and how you teach your child these values. Every child is impressionable to their parents’ actions, so I ask what values is South Africa teaching then. Especially in moments of crisis. this begs the question that has SA just swapped out one regime of enslavement for another ?

South Africans have witnessed first hand the horrors of marginalization, we have seen first hand how it feels to be subjugated therefore I would think infact,

I kinda expect that we would hold dear and find it important to have as well as exercise INDIVIDUAL THOUGHT . I would think that it would be embedded so deep in our minds that is sung as a nursery rhyme even in our schools.

I’m not familiar with the particulars with the proceedings that took place when South Africa transitioned from an Independent regime to a Republic one. shamelessly I could tell you more of the civil rights movement and the Jim crow laws at this point. your probably asking yourself how does this connect, I needed to say this especially in driving the next next point home.

(Taking a deep breathe!)

Here goes, i don’t think we actually sat down to DEFINE what DEMOCRACY MEANS TO us as South Africa.

From the little knowledge I have to me it seems we copied the textbook explanation and took it literally word for word. Yes we can reference those who have more experience but to the extent that it suits us and tweak it according to our experience, history and people.

Differences exist on a global scale and before generalizing systems that govern a people, shouldn’t these differences be taken into consideration before any applications are put in place. I think we have always looked to other people specifically the leading world powers. To define for us and show us how things are done. There seems to be so much outside influence in the ways in which we are governed.

Are we in the game of trying to fit it?

(Who keeps democracy in check? Not what keeps it in check )

Who structured our system, name for name? were there united conversations between all? were there debates and solutions met that fitted the manifesto of the south Africans and not a specific party? Did we create a self sufficient monster in the name of Democracy, i say self sufficient because whether majority does or doesn’t participate its business goes on as normal. forgetting it was put in place FOR ALL AND NOT FOR JUST THE MINORITY.

I see words like Freedom of assembly, association, speech, inclusiveness, equality, membership, consent, voting and minority rights just to name a few. These words are thrown around in the name of democracy but these are words go to show the huge dichotomy that exists here. And the process of othering is very loud and clear. What is the point of these guidelines if they do not serve the country and all its people? Are we a country by the minority for the majority?

Loop holes exists in our so called guidelines of Freedom, sugar coated by their vagueness ,separating and dividing even some more . Inclusive but only i you are a member. Equality, only if you are a member . Voting, consent , freedom of speech mostly through a party of association which boils back down to being a member and if you don’t find a party that speaks to your individualism, oh well then good luck . –

Generally when something doesn’t work , don’t we try something else different?

Einstein once said,

A great thinker, inventor ,problem solver of the ages

In life its said that either you are fueled by fear of success or fear of failure. I think that after apartheid the mental states of the people was really overlooked. At the time all the races were ignorant to each other and only because of the system created to do exactly that and to divide, so yes they couldn’t have possibly have known each other and that cant be held against anyone. But did those who were put in power as representatives educate about our differences and indifference’s ? Like really talk about all peoples the peoples fears, fears we have about each other. Squash and leave no room for taboos. No, instead those fears were left to linger. Every man for himself again. And so i ask can we really blame each other for being ignorant ? when also the government seems to be protecting the self over the other as if to say you are entitled to have these fears because you have minority rights. These indifference’s have been left to linger far too long and the cycle perpetuates .

I don’t recall there ever being initiatives to rehabilitate the Nation from years of living in fear, subjugation, conflict inequality ect. because we became a democratic country we were expected to know suddenly what to do next. Suddenly just know how to be free.

Having this Lock-down forced upon the country and suddenly receiving direct communication via text from a government line it makes me wander if such measures do exist then where were these measures after apartheid in rehabilitating the people?

Till when are we going to keep reshuffling officials ? when even in evidence its shown to not create a significant difference. I believe South Africa has great minds that can take us to greater heights .

educate me where I lack,

I am neither shaming or blaming but mostly urging, if we cant change the system i’m sure we can beat it somehow. I think its starts with us educating one another.

” each one teach one, ” lets everywhere we go try to challenge peoples thinking, lets push each other to be individual thinkers and value original thought. You never know, you might be the one to create a domino effect.

Dear South africa, to you I say again cry my beloved country

Cry all you need, Take all the time you need, let it bleed but we cry forward ”

A time will come when you admit this no one else can do for you but you.

And know this that we’ll be there right by your side to pick you up, piece by piece, hand in hand as it should be …. its time to let go of your fears and trust again

I know we can make it, till than every night i will keep you in my prayers



How to Balance the Success scale???

Easy peasy, what you so on the left you shall recieve on the right end. And than just is met.

Lady liberty dont lie,
What you put in on the left you get outvon the right.
How muxh are you willing to put in for what tou want to achieve?